Paging The Pursuit of Happiness…

I’m an adult now.

There’s really no escaping this fact.  I’d rather be in bed than a bar.  Stuff I used to listen to in high school is now being considered “old school”.  I detect the tip-toeing of crow’s feet.  And the weird small people in my house keep calling me “Mama” and expect me to feed them.

I shouldn’t bash the weird small people, though.  If I hadn’t had them, I wouldn’t have had the time to ponder my now-misshapen navel and figure out what I wanted to be now that I’m grown up.  As it stands now, if I manage to pass Financial Management, I will be finished with my Nonprofit Management program and I can finally begin work.

Yeah, the thing about that…

I may have gone a little nuts.  I know, so unlike me.  I figured my school was going to be over, Bren would be starting preschool, and I could just take on contract projects here and there.    But no.  I had to jump in the deep end without my floaties because I am a colossal dumb ass who has to prove her worth to the world.  The world, however, does not care.  I know this.  But does it stop me?  Of course not.

I’ve got myself signed up for an additional course come April.  So that’s three total.  I also somehow figured that this would be the PERFECT time to become fluent in ASL.  I ordered DVDs that I can learn from, when they’re not sitting unused, giving me the slacker stink eye.  I volunteer, so there are upcoming events that I am going to be a part of.  Is this one group?  No!  Three!  Join ALL the charities!  Plan ALL the events!  Drink ALL the Red Bull!  (Which sadly, Brendan points out to me in grocery stores and tells me I’m out of my favorite drink.  But I’ve been off it for months!)

The boys’ birthdays are coming up.  Liam’s in a couple of weeks, and I’ve had that all planned for a while.  He wants a Titanic-themed birthday, so I was glad to oblige.  We are going on a ferry to Vancouver Island, so I hope not to carry the theme too far, if you know what I mean.  So Liam’s cake will be in the shape of an iceberg, because I figured that would be somehow easier than making an ocean liner.  Bren wants a pirate birthday, which will be easy to swing.  Part of me wonders if I just couldn’t combine the two and throw a Pirates on the Titanic theme, but that’s just not cool.

Incidentally, did you know that the process of an iceberg falling off the larger ice face is called calving?  Now you do.  If they ask me that on my upcoming Jeopardy test, I’ll be freaking ecstatic.

Part of the reason I’m writing this blog is to help keep myself accountable.  I could cheerfully spend the entire day in my PJs, reading Damn You Auto Correct and eating yogurt.  But I can’t.  I’m an adult.  I have to get off my rear and get things done.  I got one paper closer to being school being completed today, and I’ve got to keep the momentum going.  So I am going to chart my progress on here.  Odd little observations, frustrations, good news, setbacks, it’s all going up.  No filtering, but that’s to be expected.  If you want polite, I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong place.  Now GTFO.

I hope you enjoyed our maiden voyage here.  It’s better than the Titanic’s, after all.




One thought on “Paging The Pursuit of Happiness…

  1. aopitz says:

    Look forward to more!

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